About Summer Media Studios

About the Owner: Faith Summer

Hey my friends,

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit more about me. I’m from a small northwestern town in Ontario, Canada. It's very cold, but it's beautiful.


Raised in a tiny little town surrounded by woodland and fresh water lakes, my siblings and I grew up in nature. I went to a little school of only 30children total in all the grades. We even had to cross the border into the United States if we wanted to go to the movie theatre, because that was the closest one around!

After High School

After high school, I moved to Vancouver, BC to study psychology and live in the mountains. I used my photography skills I picked up in high school to make a couple extra hundred bucks while I went to university.

College turned CEO

I was making a decent amount of money from my photoshoots and decided to create a website offering my packages, said website scaled 3x in that year booking me out months in advance.

City to Country

After living out my dream in the city I felt the calling to go back home. Even though city life is vibrant and fun, the country girl in me was yearning for open fields and bon fires with my childhood friends.

Photoshoots to One-Stop-Media-Shop


I moved home and decided to up my game, I was out of the city and photoshoots alone weren't going to cut it. What could I compliment that with, that I also am passionate about? 

Summer Media Studios: A Digital Media Company


I knew what I wanted to do - empower other entrepreneurs to start their own business too. Whether that's a small photo business like I had, or maybe you sell hoodies, or makeup, or jewelry, or fitness packages - I can help you build that business.

Through web design, product photography, business logo, graphics, and business cards. I can have your business up and running within 30days.

So what are you dreaming about?

Do you dream of starting a clothing line?⁣⁣ Being a model, or influencer? ⁣⁣Photographer, designer, or content creator? I have heaps of amazing offers for you. It is my passion to help execute your dreams and ideas. If you're squirming with an idea but not sure how to make it come to life - let's chat!

What's been holding you back?

➡️ Building that website?⁣
➡️ Getting those headshots?
⁣➡️ Starting that business instagram account?
⁣➡️ Taking pictures that do your amazing products justice?
⁣➡️ Not getting any likes or comments even though you pour your energy and creativity into your content?⁣⁣

I have solutions⁣.

I believe in building your dream life: co‑creating with God. You were born to thrive. You are worthy of being fulfilled. God gave you life. And gifts. The world needs what you have to offer.

Don't let fear hold you back from building the life you deserve. 

I could have let it hold me back... but you wouldn't be here reading this if I had done that now would you?

Go for it. You got this. & you got me.



Your friend,

Faith Summer