heyyyy, it’s been a hot minute since i reintroduced myself here so let’s dooo it ⚡️

my name is not actually Summer, Faith Summer is a business name as well as Summer Media Studios (when I created my account at 13 years old I didn’t want my last name on here, and picked something I love … summer! 🌞)

Photography is my biggest passion 📸

I’ve been doing it since I was 12, and started my business at 17. I grew up in Nestor Falls, helping my parents catch bait because we sold fishing bait LOL! I did photography for fun, and believe when I tell you aI used my sister as my model for everythinggggg (I even put her in the trash can because I thought it was edgy 😂)

SMS as a business was created in Vancouver, Canada where I went to university and I brought it home with me in 2019. When I moved back home (that’s a story for another post) I didn’t think i’d be able to run my business the same way I did in the city.

…. but I did 😍

Opened a studio. Spread the word. Took pictures of alllll my friends and family. Advertised. Networked. Posted as much as possible.

Now i’ve got an even bigger studio!

And an entire field 🌾

Photoshoots that I do the most are: portraits in and out of studio, weddings, GRAD GRAD GRAD, families, and events 💫

I live in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦
in a tiny town (village?) about 30minutes to the closest walmart or 4 hours to the closest mall 🙈

My husband Andre and I spend our time outdoors, hiking, camping, and chasing around our 3dogs 🐕

I’m passionate about media, art, homemaking, music, and Jesus

I’m stokedddd to be going into year 8 of photography and year 5 of Summer Media Studios 🌈💛

Thank YOU for reading & getting to know me. I hope to see you in the studio soon✨

Your friend,
Faith ☆

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